is the first Hungarian stately appointed independent organisation committed to certificating hardware and software products in four different areas:
  • Electronic Signature Products
  • General Telecommunication Services and Publicly Accessible Telecommunication Services
  • Radio Equipment and Telecommunication Terminals
  • IT Products - Record management Softwares
MATRIX Ltd. verifies the conformance of the functional and security features of the products and services to the EU regulations and to any non-coercive requirements freely imposed by the manufacturers and service providers. The later one can be stated in different documents accompanying the products, such as Security Targets, System Specification, Security Policies, User Manuals etc. The main task of the professionals of MATRIX Ltd. is to evaluate the tests made by the manufacturers themselves or by independent test organisations, and (on the basis of the appropriate conclusions) to decide on issuing the conformance certificate or to refuse to do so.

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