How can You get Your Product Certified?

Process of Certification

1.      First, You have to download the request for certification document from the homepage, R&TTE>Download area. After completing it with the data, You have to send it by post to our adress, You can email it, to the adress, or fax it to +36-23-444-601. If You need help, call +36-23-444-600, and ask for Gábor Hornyák, our director of certification in the R&TTE field.


2.      MATRIX then processes the request, and sends a 50.000 Ft bill as a registration fee. The registration fee is not refundable if the requestee desists from the contract. The registration contains the Confidentiality agreement, and the determination of the the evaluations, which are determined according the Technical construction file. It also contains the offer, and if more measurements have to be carried out, an offer of the accredited laboratories.


3.      If the price is agreed, the Requestee and MATRIX signes a Contract.


4.      MATRIX starts the Certification Process according to the sent technical documentation. If needed MATRIX asks for more data.


5.      By completing the Certification process, if the product conforms to the normatives, MATRIX issues a Certificate. With the Certificate, MATRIX also gives the right to the Certificate holder to use the CE1413 conformity marking on the equipment. The fee of the Certificate is 20% of the contract fee. If MATRIX is unable to issue the Certificate for any reasons, this fee does not appear on the invoice.


6.     MATRIX puts the certified equipment in the register found in the homepage., and gives the relevant paper documentation ti the Certificate Holder.


7.     After receiving the Certificate, the Certificate holder has to pay the bill to the account of MATRIX: 14100244-76431649-01000001 If this does not happen, MATRIX withdraws the Certificate.


Conformity marking (sample)

Class I:


Class II.:


MATRIX trademark:


[1] Sometimes MATRIX can not perform the Certification process demanded in the Request. In this case a written explanation is sent back to the requestee..